Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hugh C. Howey - Wool Review

Dystopian novels going independent? I like the idea of it. Dystopian fiction needs to be unbounded, it needs to be untouched from the commercial sector. The books are reflections of societies inner most fears and desires, they are a dialogue on modern social themes and issues. Hugh C. Howey's Wool has blown out of the gates and is proving to independent writers everywhere that it can be done.

Wool was originally released as a series of novella's. Every few months a new one was released and kept the  viewing audience on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the next one.

I will review Wool 1, and let the rest be read by you.

Wool 1 blew me away. The ending was tragic, beautiful and intense. I didn't see it coming, and it brought so many of the loose ends of the story together in a magical way. The characters were real and gritty and the dialogue bounded by with a natural pace. Just when you thought you knew what was going on, the story's thread moved in another direction. Awesome story, awesome writer.

What is most exciting though is that this book was completely self published. It was released onto the Kindle marketplace and developed a following simply from word of mouth. This makes me giddy. I love the idea of being an "indie writer," it sounds so damn cool. It also allows the writer to express whatever they want and to comment on any social issue they please.

With traditional publishing houses taking less and less submissions every year, this idea suddenly becomes a glimpse into the future. With the ever increasing power of the internet, most commerce is slowly moving online, and eventually, maybe all commerce will be dealt with online as connection to the internet becomes an essential part of our lives.

Perhaps electronic books are the only future for us as authors, and if we can tap into that now, perhaps we can create a career where we keep all the earnings and have complete creative control. That idea excites me beyond words.

Sure, we may have to become marketers as well as writers. But society is moving towards an ever increasing transfer of power to the individual. Learning to market ones self properly may become an essential skill in the modern world? This is all sounding very Dionysian in its self.

Check out Wool. It may inspire you to take control of your destiny.

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