Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dystopian literature

The Plan for the next 6 months...

Dystopian Novels is a blog that looks at the in's and out's of writing dystopian literature, and explores the philosophical relevance it has, while looking at the tools available to a writer to express it in their works. The goal for this blog is to create a community of like minded individuals who write fiction, but want their fiction to mean something about the world they live in.

The emphasis is going to be placed on sign ups and comments. If we can get a good amount of those within the 6 month span, then that will be great. It will create the beginnings of a network that can help each other by sharing tips and exploring social topics together.

A forum will also be constructed in the near future once there is a following, and from there, who knows...

There will be monthly reviews on dystopian literature, daily thoughts on particular social & cultural issues, and daily topics on the writing craft its self. While sharing useful links that help increase the experience of the user.

This site won't be monetised, because I believe the experience of the user and the content it delivers is the number one priority.

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  1. Greg,

    Glad to see your blog! I've actually stumbled onto it from work related purposes, but I love it nonetheless.

    I am writing in regards to Sandor Szathmari's VOYAGE TO KAZOHINIA. This novel is dystopian fiction which just faced its English-language debut last month. I am currently promoting the book, and I'm curious if you would be interested in reviewing it on your blog. This is not spam or anything like that; I just want to get the info out. I'd be glad to send you a free review copy of the book if you are willing to review it. If so, just contact me at with your mailing info (or someplace I can send it). Thanks!