Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scribophile Review

For the past few months I have been a member of a social media site called "Scribophile", and I must say its the best writers community on the web. I have been searching for one for literally years now, and It's awesome that such a community exists out there. This post is going to be about explaining what Scribophile is like, and to inspire you to get your ass on there and sign up. This isn't an affliate advertisement either. There is no incentive for me to inspire you to do this, It's simply the best thing I have done for my writing, and I want you to do it too.

Now, Scribophile is a free service, but there is also a premuim section as well. On the free section you can upload two works at a time, and then users will earn "Kharma points" by criticing others works, and the longer, the more points you earn. This is important because you can't get reviews, or post more works, unless you have enough Kharma points. So this give and take process is better for users as it forces people to interact. You also need Kharma points to enter contests, writers circles, and sending private messages.

In the premuim section, which I think every writer who is serious about writing should do, (It's $80 a year, and if this seems steep, then just do a little calculation in your head. How many of you spend that much on a night out on a Friday night, esepcialy if you start drinking while your out? Now, ask yourself how important is your dream? This is the question I asked, and the answer came quite logically, besides, its freaking worth it, let me tell you). Premuim membership allows you to post as much work as you like, it allows you to get deeper insight to your critiques by allowing people to input data about your work, such as how good your characters are, how engaging the plot is, how vivid the imagery is, etc. It also allows you to enter writers circles and contests without the need for Kharma points.

Now below is what the main dashboard looks like. It has a facebook feel for it, and shows you your karma points, reputation, the number of citiques others have liked of yours, if others have critqued your works, view your private messages and look at your wall, (yes they have a wall like Facebook where other writers can post).
The writers circle is a feature I really like. It allows you to create private groups for your niche, and invite people in so that you can develop a mini critique circle. I am going to create one soon about dystopian novelists, so if you’re interested just send me a comment and sign up!

I think these critique circles are essential in becoming a published author. Even the most seasoned authors submit to critique circles, so get use to the process.

There is also a blog on there, where featured writers post great articles on the writing craft. So really, it is an entire writing community and will tremendously help your writing craft. If you feel this is for you, then pop over to Scribophile and sign up. I just want to stress I am no way shape or form associated with any Scribophile creation or management, I'm simply a user who thoughts its great value for any writer out there.

Have a good day. I know I will. I'm finally back from my Indian backpacking trip, and am currently chilling in the south of Sweden before hitting up the UK again. Least I won't get sick anymore!


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  1. Thanks for this review! I've been over at ReviewFuse for a while, but I am not 100% happy with it, so I am looking for another online writing group. It is nice to know that you think the premium version is worth the money.

    1. Hey Celeste, in view of the fact that your comment was posted about a year ago, I wonder if you are now in a position to evaluate Scribophile as it relates to ReviewFuse. I'm new to online writing websites but I am trying out ReviewFuse. You would save me a lot of time -- and possibly money -- if you would let me know which one you prefer.

      Many thanks in advance.


  2. If you're serious about the writing game then I highly recommend it. You can start out as a free user and get a feel for it over time, but if you're a serious writer, and not starving, and can afford a little investment then I think its a pretty wise choice to make.