Monday, July 2, 2012

Exploration Through Writing

Writing is an exploration of the creative part of your mind. It's a romantic idea, but I believe it to be true. When you just write to write you will be amazed at some of the stuff that will come out of your head.

A lot of people plan heavily before putting pen to paper, I'm the opposite. I usually start with a central idea or theme, and then filter each decision I make a long the way through the idea or theme. My first completed novel "The Feather Shivered" had a central theme that could be described as "A young mans search for an identity in the modern world". By using this theme, every scene I wrote, each character I created and each piece of dialogue they engaged in was built to express this central theme, and as all those weaved together to form a whole (A completed novel) they came together to express a reflection on the theme.

This is what art is. It's a reflection on some idea. It's the artists commentary on a particular facet of society. This is why I start with a theme, and then express everything through that theme on the fly, rather then plan something.

Sure, planning has it's place, and because I don't plan my editing process is very very slow, but in my opinion  all the magic happens in an unbounded first draft.


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