Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why Dystopian Novels?

Dystopian novels are a sub genre of science fiction that explore “what if” scenarios within human society. I truly believe that they are the most awesome type of literature because they explore the deepest meanings about what it is to be human.

As Ayn Rand says in her book The Romantic Manifesto “
Art is the indispensible medium for the communication of a moral idea.”

Ayn Rand is one of my favorite Dystopian writers because she is able to create an entire philosophy around writing that she believes sums up the very purpose of art its self, and that purpose communicates what Dystopian novels set out to achieve, and that is to put up a mirror to humanity and society.

This blog is going to do two things. First it’s going to be a philosophic blog. It's going to explore modern day angst, through concepts, theories and commentary on modern news items. I hope to stimulate philosophical conversations on existence, society, humanity, and anything really that relates to the more important questions about life.

Secondly it’s going to explore how fiction can be used to express these realizations in profound and meaningful ways. That means addressing the writing craft its self, i.e. plot, characterization, theme, and then asking deeper questions about Art it’s self. My goal is that this results in a community where dystopian writers and readers can come together and discuss writing and philosophy and come to new conclusions in their own minds.
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P.S Here is some great Dystopian novel lists if you want to dive straight in. (until I start generating good content that is :P)

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  1. Dystopia is also the reverse of utopia, typically referring to a post-apocalyptic or future-gone-wrong "what if" scenario, correct? The premise of your blog is intriguing, very current and relevant. And I'm always looking for good tips to improve my writing. Will be checking in here often. Thanks for dropping by my site!

  2. Great to hear. Hope to see you back soon :P